Columbus Capital Opens the Australian RMBS Market with its latest $1.5BN TRITON RMBS Transaction, its largest to date. - Click here for more details.
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We are a national diversified financial services company looking to meet the demands of our clients with innovative products to grow their wealth.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors includes a balance of non-executive and executive directors with experience in financial services, committees and other board representation to provide the highest level of governance.

Third Party Servicing

Columbus Capital recognises the importance of being agile in this rapidly changing business environment. That is why at Columbus we are focused on providing bespoke products tailored to best meet the diverse needs of our partners.

Columbus Capital provides third-party asset management and loan servicing and has recently introduced personal loans and leasing to its suite of products and services.

We provide solutions for new and existing lenders in all asset types, leveraging off our infrastructure and 100 staff located in Sydney, Melbourne and Manila.

Executive Management

The Executive Management team of Columbus Capital drives the business initiatives from a top down approach. All major areas of the company are covered at the executive level and reports to the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Key reporting lines are servicing, infrastructure, treasury and finance.

Business Snapshot

  • Circa 52,000 mortgage clients have dealt with the business
  • Oldest Non-bank brand via Origin Mortgage Management Services
  • $4 billion leant to borrowers with an outstanding value of over $1.8 billion
  • Processing tens of thousands of transactions per month via the core banking platform
  • National distribution through 98 Mortgage Managers across Australia, including some of the largest in the country
  • A comprehensive mortgage product suite catering for owner occupied, investor loans, construction and FHB
  • Diversity of product offerings- working closely with our partners to tailor branded/white label products to suit their borrower base
  • Funded through a combination of bank balance sheet warehouses and term capital market transactions